Friday, December 25, 2015

Project 365 Photography - 2016

It's almost a year since I posted something here! I feel really bad for giving a step motherly treatment to this photo blog. So, to make up for the negligence,I have decided to do a photo project all through 2016.

Call it photo journal or Project 365 / Project 52, I am planning to document each day of my life with the people and things that I see and move with every day.

I am not joining a group to do this but am going to do it on my own at my own pace and theme.The clicks will be mainly from my Digi cam or DSLR and some times with my cell phone.

A small note / a detailed account of what happened around that pic will also be posted to make things interesting.

I have made a list of 52 themes/ideas that I want to follow .It is also a way to draw inspiration / be inspired.

So starting from Jan 2016 , I plan to embark on this journey both to capture the moments of my life and also to improve my photographic skills...

I am thoroughly excited to take up this challenge and hoping to finish it as planned. Fingers crossed...